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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another Small Motif of Tatting Lace From New Book :)

I was curious about this little gem and how is was tatted.
So is little boy in picture ha ha ha.

Turns out this was not as tough as it looked.  Is a two shuttle design, and several put together will be fun.  This pattern is another from the new book I posted a few posts back.

Below is tatting I am starting from an older book and when finished will hopefully be a real wonderful piece of work
wonder if you can guess what it will be :)

Have a wonderful week and many tatting adventures :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Lady Olive Green"

I did choose some wild colors cleaning off shuttles, and it seems to make it more unusual than ever.

With all said I would try this again, and think greens and yellow may be better.

It defiantly is not the normal doily, and is very different
I must still say I am challenged :)
Have a great week
every one!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tatting Lace Techniques Just a Peek

This is another lovely doily in my new book, this was fun to figure out, very puzzling too!
Can't wait to show you the whole thing :)
most of this doily is made with clunies and block tatting

Just a reminder of the cover :)
Have a great weekend

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tatting, and Labor Day Almost With Jane Eborall

I messed up couple times and then realized after double checking the book, she gave the picot gauge for size forty thread.

I love the pattern, but need to be very careful with tension on all the chains,

Connecting picots I did experiment around making longer ones first and then connecting them.  Instead of other way round.  Had to correct a mistake at first round, I forgot the rings

I really did enjoy the large airy like look, and I pinned and hair sprayed lightly, to keep from twisting the rings on the long thread ends. This is not very perfect but am trying :) 

This photo is bleached out a bit, but used Marilee Rockley's "Snowflake" thread her blog here and matched the center with a pink from lizbeth from Handy Hands Tatting the green is Jungle green and a brown from Lizbeth threads

Monday was the last holiday of the summer called Labor Day Me in pink and hubby in middle 

My oldest daughter and her children, Dad had work :(  We hiked up Stone Mountain in Georgia!
To give you and idea of how big this is, a 6ft man could stand inside of the horses mouth that is open at front of carving above the family.

This was a hot day and very up hill climb, we found a lounge chair. I am in pink shirt!
Oh yes I found one of the most disgusting parts or the whole hike, the famous gum tree where you place your gum at the beginning of hike and pick it up at the end of hike ha ha ha.
I was blogging today and found that Jane Eborall and I just missed each other I am always as they say
I should have left some sort of tatting any where but here ha ha ha

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review of Tatted Lace Book For Advanced Tatters.

This is wonderful, but for advanced tatters. It has clear videos that come to life when scanned with phone, this book get 5 stars from me for this alone, I love the patterns and will be making more to post. It is in Korean mostly, everything designed with precision. 
Very Artistic! Fantastic!
Not for beginners.
I have admired this pattern and finally received the book :)

This book ( Tatting Lace With Your Life ) is filled with wonderful designs
some will make an appearance on this blog :)

With complex techniques ,beautifully diagrammed for the English Speaking. 

This is whole cover and I did purchase this at Handy Hands (click here)

I did had to make and use picot gauges (upper right hand of picture). and clunies for this pattern.
  unlike my other books that doesn't even mention the gauge to use.
Love that this book has the scanner reference in it
and I do believe this is first of it kind, that I have every seen.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Woven Picot Pattern PDF just added at bottom of this post!

I finally found this old bookmark when reminded by Muskaan's Tips weaving picots  and only one page of directions out of two.
I is enough to make whole pattern if you understand how to weave a little :)

This is from 2007 and the thread size is 20, and I did not use a gauge.
I tried to locate the lady that designed this woven picot pattern Marrie Stoffer, and old webbsight with out any luck.
Most all of the pattern is here this picture can be enlarged too.
I have started a new one, just to see if I could remember using the directions, before I found the old bookmark

The directions gets you to the next side and I attached the picots in reverse order.  It was fun but made them too long.
I used size 40 thread and this time I made my own picot gauge, but it was too long.
My guess for size twenty would be one centimeter but best to test tat. 

The other tip that was given and on last page was to use a crochet hook to weave and this makes work go faster too.
It also seems a bit easier if the weaving part is tatted with variegated thread.
Maybe someone can remember this free pattern or has part two can be done with this one page and I did conect picots and omit some from origanal :)
sorry I took so long to find this :(
have a great day
I can help anyone that wants to give it a try.
Tatted Bookmark

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Eclectus Parrot Beaded and More Clunies

Been working off an on with this beading project, I was commissioned to make. 

This bird is called an Eclictus and only the females have this bright colorings these are some steps I use.

She wants to frame Lucy and the paper behind is the smallest size. I have been having fun finding little trinkets to add to the beading and incorporating them in. 

the actual picture of Lucy is below

Looks like lots of the tatting bloggers have been making clunies and I'm not sure if I will keep this round I started cause one of the clunies is imperfect :) but undecided the thread is so small.
hope you all have a great time at your pursuits, till I post again hugs from Carollyn:)